We have set our budget and programme for planned maintenance annually. In determining what items need replace within any development/property, we take into account things like the repair history; the money available from our rental income; the general condition of each item needing replaced; availability of parts; continued compliance with the Scottish housing Quality Standard (2015); compliance with the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing, EESSH target for 2020, and any changes in legislation and the age of each item.

For this year it is vital that we ensure we check our assumptions for longer term planning with our actual stock condition. We completed our stock condition survey in early 2017. We are now using this data to up-date our asset management plans for the longer term. In the meantime, we have reviewed what needs completed for 2016/17 and for this year our main programme relates to fitting nearly 80 new boilers, 61 new kitchens, 150 new smoke detectors, 400 carbon monoxide detectors, new double glazed units to 7 properties, and 300 electrical safety checks.

For cyclical maintenance, our biggest expense is the annual service of our boilers, our landscape maintenance contract and our annual gutter cleaning contract.