7 Day Waiting Period Abolished

From February 2018 anyone making a claim for Universal Credit (UC) will no longer need to serve any waiting days. This means that claimants will be eligible for payment from the first day of the claim. This should reduce the overall waiting time for first payments from 6 weeks to 5 weeks.


Housing Benefit 2 Week Run On – UC claims

From April 2018 anyone who makes a claim for UC and already receive Housing Benefit will continue to receive Housing Benefit for the first two weeks of their UC claim.


Advance Payments – New UC Claims

From January 2018 new UC claimants will be able to access up to 100% of their estimated UC entitlement. This will be in the form of an advanced payment (loan) including housing costs.  If you decide to ask for an advance which includes your housing costs you will be required to repay all of this amount over the next 12 months of your claim.


Roll out of Universal Credit – Slow Down

East Renfrewshire will now become a full service area in September 2018. The roll out of UC has been implemented by the DWP to try and resolve some of the ongoing issues that live service areas are facing before UC is opened up to everyone making a new claim for benefits.


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