Annual General meeting 2019 – will be held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 – details to follow.


Annual General meeting – held on Tuesday 28th August 2018

The Association held it 32nd AGM at the Foundry on Tuesday 28th August 2018. Members were updated by the Chairperson, Chief Executive, Director of Corporate Services and external auditors Chiene + Tait on the activities from the year ending March 2018. As well as the good financial performance, the Chairperson spoke of the governance review completed in the last year and proposed changes for the Governing Board. The Chief Executive provided an update on the activities including performance against the charter, community regeneration, community benefit jobs and placements, as well as plans to develop more new homes.

Of the governance review, consultant Alison Smith from Allanpark, said: ‘Allanpark Consultants Ltd was commissioned to support the Chair to undertake an appraisal of each member of the governing body. Alison Smith facilitated a series of focused, coaching-style conversations, providing opportunities for feedback and support. Allanpark’s final report concluded there was a high level of competence among the governing body members and an impressive commitment to making a meaningful and positive contribution to the organisation. A clear succession plan emerged during the process.’

The succession plan was approved ahead of the AGM and the following new Office Bearers elected:

Chairperson, David McCready (pictured)

Vice chairperson, John Hamilton

Conveners of Sub-Groups Tommy Reilly, Drew McKinney and Chris Baird

Accepting the position of Chairperson, David McCready said: ‘I have worked in housing for many years and this appointment comes at a time when, as chairperson, I can assist the Association with its future plans. I look forward to the many challenges ahead and look forward to working with my fellow Board members and staff.’

Local MP Paul Masterton assisted with the award for the garden competition and ‘John McIntyre’ good neighbour winners. AGM presentations including the Chief Executive’s Report and Financial Performance presentation have been uploaded to BHA’s website at in the useful documents section.


Members are invited to the annual general meeting – usually held in August each year. Minutes are available in our useful documents section.