Getting Involved with our Work

Join our focus group, open days, consultation events, and our Tenant Scrutiny Panel

We host a range of events where we actively encourage our local residents to get more involved in our work. From attending focus groups and open days about particular events, to helping us with our Fun Days, and to more formally actively taking part in our Tenant Scrutiny Panel to help shape services going forward. If you’d like more information, please get in touch with the Association.

During 2016, we celebrated our 30th anniversary, and we actively sought views on what we should do to celebrate this great milestone. We were pleased to offer a range of activities from our Fun Day in June 2016, to offering a garden make-over competition, a week’s free rent to 5 lucky tenants, extending our annual garden competition and our good neighbour award schemes, to providing lots of competitions and prizes to spend in local shops. We’d like to hear from you on these events run throughout 2016, and to hear your views on what we should continue to offer tenants. Our Newsletter competitions were a great success, so we will certainly continue with these.


Registered Tenant Organisations (RTOs)

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 places a duty on Councils to register any group that wishes to do so and they keep a record of all registered groups. You can access the register in any main council office and a copy is available here for you to view. pdf icon Register of tenant organisations [120kb]

In addition East Renfrewshire Council organise a Registered Tenants Organisation Forum. This is an opportunity to share information with RTOs and for them to discuss any local issues.