We have been a Registered Social Landlord since 1986 and a Scottish Charity since 2004. We provide a wide range of financial information to stakeholders like the Scottish Housing Regulator and our lenders. Internally we produce quarterly management accounts and these track our progress against our budget. We also produce 5-year and 30-year financial plans. We submitt an Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter by end of May each year; our landlord report is available by the Scottish Housing Regulator by end of August each year; and we publish a report on the Charter by October each year. We also now produce an annual value for money statement. We are also part of various benchmarking clubs where we compare and review our performance against particular local housing associations, our local authority and our wider Scottish housing sector. We can learn from others and adapt our policies and processes to ensure we continue to review how we operate and strive for continuous improvement in what we do.

How are we financed and how do we spend our money?


The majority of our income comes from the rents we receive from our tenants and service charges we apply for specific services, for example close cleaning and services for our sheltered housing complex. We do access other grants for specific projects like the Scottish Government’s People and Communities Funding for employability projects for young people; Big Lottery income; Climate Challenge fund income to help with energy advice. Our expenditure relates in the main to our staff costs to run our services, our repair and investment costs and our private loans. Full details of our costs are contained within our Financial Statements below

Further information is also contained within our Value for Money statements, also contained below. These highlights areas where we try to improve how efficient we are and how we compare year on year. Our benchmarking reports are also available.

Here is a some of financial information currently available:


5.4-Value-for-Money-Statement Sep18


Signed-financial-statements to March 17

Value-for-Money-Statement Sep17


Our engagement with the Scottish Housing Regulator

We are required to submit a range of information on our financial position and our performance to the Scottish Housing Regulator each year. There is more information on the Regulator’s role in the About Us section of our website. The information we provide to the Regulator is used to determine the level of engagement they have with the housing sector and with Barrhead HA in particular. We are currently ‘low engagement’ with the Regulator and this is reviewed annually. Below you will find some information in relation to performance, regulation and benchmarking which you might find of interest:




Landlord Report 2016-2017

Landlord Report 2017-18

Landlord Report 2018-19

SHR Engagement Letter 2016

SHR Engagement Letter 2017

SHR Engagement letter 2018

SHR-Engagement-Plan 2019




FLAIR report 2016-17

Care Inspectorate Inspection Report-2016

SHR Engagement Plan 2019

SHR Regulatory Framework