Our key organisational aims are summarised as follows:

Promotion of local involvement in the management of our homes and the Association

Accountability to our customers and representative of their views

Providing quality customer focused services

Providing cost effective and efficient services

Work in partnership to meet housing need

Attract investment, if possible, to build new homes

Contribute to the local economy through wider community regeneration

Support initiatives to promote health and improvement to the quality of peoples’ lives

Develop business opportunities and partnerships which aim to benefit the Association and our wider community through our subsidiary

Our business objectives are reviewed annually, and cover normally a 3-year period. See our 2016-2019 business plan in our useful documents section.


Value for money – what it means for Barrhead HA and our customers

We have worked to produce a statement of what we think should be included in any discussion on value for money and what it means to us. We have developed this statement with our Tenant Scrutiny Panel. We have produced our current statement which is available in our useful documents section.  Previous Statements on Value for Money are available in our useful documents section.

If our customers have any comments to make on this we would be happy for feedback. We plan to update this statement each year.