Barrhead Housing Association held its 33rd AGM at the Barrhead Foundry on Tuesday 3 September 2019. Members were updated by the Association’s Chair David McCready (pictured below) and Shirley Robison, Chief Executive, as well as the Association’s External Auditors Chiene + Tait.

The Chairperson spoke about the Association’s strong performance during the year, and gave detail of changes to the Scottish Housing Regulators governance framework, including the introduction of new “Annual Assurance Statements” which are intended to signify to the regulator that the Board is assured that the Association is meeting all regulatory standards and legislative requirements. A copy of the Association’s draft Annual Assurance Statement is available in the “useful documents” (Governance) section of the website, for those tenants who might be interested

A copy of the presentation delivered by the Chair and Chief Executive is also available on our website

At the conclusion of the AGM, the following Office Bearers were elected for a second year:

Chairperson – David McCready

Vice Chair – John Hamilton

Conveners of sub-groups: Chris Baird, Tommy Reilly and Drew McKinney