A message from Our Chief Executive

‘To all our valued tenants and owners, it is with much regret that our latest Newsletter has reached you today with news of the rent increase due for 1st April 2020. Obviously these decisions were made back in February 2020 when we could not have predicted the current situation and the Newsletter sent for publication over two weeks ago. We really do apologise for this today. Amidst the biggest challenge to us with the COVID-19 threat, we have been working hard to protect services and keep our residents and staff safe. We understand and are supporting tenants who are facing such enormous financial challenges and we will remain focused on providing advice and information in these very uncertain times. All the additional support offered by the Government is also now being reviewed so that we can keep tenants up-to-date with what extra help will be available. While we made a big decision just last Thursday to close our office, our staff will all be working from home as of tomorrow when we anticipate a complete lock down this week but we are available at the end of the phone – all our lines have re-directed. Please do not hesitate to contact us and be rest assured we will do what we can to help in these uncertain times. Shirley Robison, Chief Executive