Customers can now apply for Housing and Medical Priority online. To do so, simply click on the appropriate link below:

Online Housing Application:

Online Medical Priority Form:

Housing Information Leaflet



Barrhead Housing Association has over 930 properties throughout East Renfrewshire. The following highlights our existing property profile. We have general housing, partially adapted/amenity housing for older people and full wheelchair adapted properties. We have turnover of about 50-60 properties per year.

2 apartment tenement flats, and cottage flats and bungalows

3, 4 and 5+ apartment flats and terraced/semi detached houses

Sheltered housing – 27 properties in our development on the Main Street, Barrhead. We also offer a range of leased properties for specialised housing needs and these are run by separate professional organisations.



Our Policy was recently reviewed and approved following extensive consultation. This was due to changes contained within the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 and also do the end of the Common housing register between East Renfrewshire Council, Barrhead Housing Association and Arklet Housing Association – which ended in February 2018. A copy of our new policy can be found within the download section of this website.

The report on the full review process can be found here

New Applications

Therefore if you are submitting a new housing application form you will be required to do the following:-

  1. We have developed our own Housing Application Form which is available, see link below.For East Renfrewshire Council you should continue to complete the current East Renfrewshire Housing Register housing application form – contact on 0141 577 3003


Further information on applying for housing within East Renfrewshire are detailed below: