Wednesday 16th November 2016. Each year, the Association’s staff and Board members get together to review our business objectives. We held a very successful day working together to review what we are doing and set plans for the year ahead. While our business plan is set for 3 years, we are currently reviewing two areas in particular – our asset management plan and our wider community strategy. Understanding our business in terms of demand for housing, investment in our stock, where, what and how we spend our money is really important and reviewing our asset management plan will allow us to check that we are in fact investing in the right areas. Similarly we have been involved in community projects to support our tenants for many years so reviewing what we should be working on to develop this strategy is really important. We will be providing our customers with more information next year. We finished the review day yesterday working with Gavin Oattes from Tree of Knowledge – to inspire and motivate our staff team – from the feedback we received this was a successful event.