Barrhead Housing Association has just agreed with Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire to run a fund on our behalf and which is available to East Renfrewshire residents struggling with the costs to access the digital world.

The Digital Connectivity Support Fund has been set up to ‘provide financial support for digital connectivity for people from East Renfrewshire’. This may include the following:

o             Payments to households/individuals struggling to meet digital related bills

o             Payments for data / maintaining household/individual Wi-Fi

o             Payments for devices / tablets to individuals

o             Or, potentially, a combination of the above.

A maximum of £150 (one-off payment) per household or up £200 for a three-month period per household.

Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply?

Must be resident in East Renfrewshire

Only one application per household

Residents suffering from money problems due to Covid-19

Residents that are isolated or at risk of isolation due to lack of equipment or data access (Shielding and Risk 2 group are a priority)


Q I have paid my internet package because of the fear of isolation, can I still apply for help?

A Yes as long as you meet the criteria and can submit the bill you have paid; we can reimburse you.

Q I already have internet but it doesn’t last to the end of the month, can I apply to have my package upgraded?

A Yes as long as you meet the criteria you can upgrade your data quota but not your TV package.

Q How long will the payment cover?

A This is a one of payment and will cover up to 3 months subject to funds being available.

Q Can I apply directly or do I need someone to do it for me?

A You can self-refer or an organisation can apply on your behalf e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau, ERC Money Advice and Rights Team, Barrhead Housing, etc.

Q Do I need to give the equipment back after 3 months?

A No the device will belong to you, we only ask that you give us feedback on the difference it made?

How to Apply

The link below takes you directly to the application form: