As a Housing Association, we provide services to tenants, applicants for housing, and owners whose properties are factored by us. Our aim is to deliver a good and fair service to all our customers at all times. Sometimes, however, we may fall short of this aim. If this happens, it is important for customers to tell us, so that we can address these concerns.

Our Complaints Handling Policy gives us the chance to keep an eye on the quality of service we provide so that we can make improvements to it, where necessary.

We regard complaints as a positive source of feedback. They not only tell us what you think of our services but allows us to learn from our mistakes and continually improve the service we provide

If you are dissatisfied with any of our services, you can choose to complain to us in a variety of ways – over the phone, in person, by email, or by completing a form.

If choosing to speak with us, we will ask you these questions so that we get a complete picture of your complaint. Staff assistance can be provided to help complete the form, if required.

Our COMPLAINTS HANDLING POLICY provides full details of what you should expect from us should you need to make a complaint.

Our COMPLAINTS SUMMARY APRIL 17 leaflet provides further information on what happens when you make a complaint to us.

Our quarterly newsletters give details on the types of complaint we receive, how we perform and if there are lessons to be learned.  Our newsletters can be found in our useful documents section.

We also provide quarterly performance information to our Governing Board on Complaints that we receive, with minutes available in our useful documents section.


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2. Complaint Details

We take all complaints very seriously and pride ourselves in dealing with them rapidly and with transparency for all involved.