The consultation on both policies is closed and the policies are on our download section


The Association has recently reviewed 2 policies which are now out for consultation until Friday 28th July 2017.



Right to Repair

The Right to Repair Policy (RTR) has been amended as per below:

    • We have updated the policy to reflect the Charter Outcomes.
    • We have expanded the introduction to explain what a Right to Repair is.
    • Under Section 3 – we have provided more clarity to tenants on what to expect should a repair fall under RTR category.
    • Section 6 has been included which lets tenants know included to advise that any no access by a tenant revokes their right to a RTR.
    • Equality & Diversity Section has been updated to include relevant protected Characteristics


Estate Management

The Estate Management Policy has had significant changes made to it within this review, which have included:

  • We have expanded the policy to include a policy background which relates back to the Tenancy Agreement & relevant Charter Outcomes.
  • We have tidied up the Policy Aims & merged this with the objectives of the Policy.
  • We have included a further section 4.2 – which clarifies the overall services BHA Estate Management Services will include.
  • We have now included information on how we will manage Mixed Tenure Estates.
  • Removed Tenancy Matters Permissions which is covered in our Alternations/Improvements Policy
  • The Equality and Diversity Section has been updated to include relevant protected Characteristics


You can access the full proposed draft policies in our download section.  Have your say on the proposed changes in the following ways:

  • By telephone on 0141 881 0638
  • By writing to us
  • By downloading the complaints handling policy from our website:
  • By e-mailing us at
  • By calling in to the office at 60/70 Main Street