Aspiring Communities Fund (ACF)- exciting new project for Dunterlie, Barrhead

Barrhead Housing Association (BHA) is delighted to have secured £189,890.00 from the Aspiring Communities Fund operated by the Scottish Government to deliver a tenancy sustainment project called ‘Make It Your Own’ within Dunterlie, Barrhead.

The Aspiring Communities Fund will help enable community bodies and third sector organisations in our most deprived and fragile communities to develop and deliver long-term local solutions that address local priorities and needs, increase active inclusion and build on the assets of local communities to reduce poverty and to enable inclusive growth.  Successful projects will put communities first by involving local people in the process and support the aims of the Fairer Scotland Action Plan to change deep seated, multi-generational deprivation, poverty and inequalities.  Through this fund we will explore partnership approaches between statutory bodies and local communities with a shared interest in exploring new and sustainable ways of working to improve local outcomes.

‘Make It Your Own’ will bring a creative approach to tenancy sustainment to the most vulnerable tenants in Dunterlie, Barrhead. The project will support the tenants in a range of meaningful opportunities, which include: setting up, sustaining and maintaining their own home; increase their employability skills by developing and delivering a local environmental enhanced project; and learn and enhance digital skills through a number of different Information Technology, Computing and Online engagement events and workshops.

A number of established third sector partners will be involved in the delivery of the project and further information along with recruitment of staff will be available on the BHA website in December 2017 about the project –