Added value – Bryan Dando, Vivien Betteridge and Amanda Kean make up our community regeneration staff.

Our Community Regneration Officer is Bryan Dando who is employed by Barrhead HA and also provides services to FLAIR.

Our Welfare Rights Officer is Vivien Betteridge who is employed on a temporary 6 month contract.

Our Energy Advisor, Amanda Kean now works part-time, Wednesday – Friday each week. Working with our tenants, she offers an energy assessments within the home, help and advice on heating the home, setting the programme for your boiler, help with tariff selection and fuel switching. So far the results hve been really positive and customers should see some real savings – for example, on average £260 per annum – on their bills going forward. 

We completed the upgrade of 109 tenemental properties in the centre of Barrhead with internal wall insulation during early 2014. This was an externally funded project and should benefit customers in the longer term with reduced fuel bills. Additional funding from SFHA/Home Energy Ideas has allowed us to track the energy savings using monitoring equipment – results will be known in a few months.


The Scottish Government’s Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing – tenant’s guide – download a copy here

From May 2016, we are required to report annually to the Scottish Housing Regulator on the energy efficiency standard for social housing – a copy of our first two returns is available EESSH Return 2015-16  EESSH Return 2016-17