Regeneration Update May 2019


Creative Pathways,

Creative Pathways is our flagship employability project between Impact Arts and Barrhead Housing which working with up to 30 young people per year, typically aged between 16 and 18. It was Runner Up for the category of Best Youth Employability Supporting Youth Employability in SURF Awards Best Practice in the Community

As well as improving their employability skills, the young people generate an impressive amount of work and learn an array of new creative skills over the course of the programme, including writing exercises, woodworking, computer skills, storyboarding, script writing, filming and animation. Environmental skills included building animal habitats and planters, and creating pinhole cameras and environmentally-friendly developing solutions using natural and recycled materials.

Scott McCorkell, 17, is one of the participants on the programme who created pieces for the Arthurlie Family Centre:

“It’s been really fun getting to expand my skills, interact with new people and do something useful as well. It feels great doing something that people will like and that will actually be useful – it feels really fulfilling. I’ve learned how to make a CV, learned how to word myself in interviews better and also just generally becoming more confident. It’s been great.”

The Barrhead Housing Association Community Fund

The BHA Community Fund was a brand new initiative for Barrhead that that used the ethos of Participatory Budgeting which empowered local people to choose where and how the money available was to be spent whilst ensuring that it supported positive community action and regeneration in their local area.

In two years £78,000 has been awarded to various 26 Community projects in Barrhead Community, through 2 Community Voting Events, with over 1,000 community members voting on the projects they wished to see funded.

Janet from ERA, East Renfrewshire Additional Support Needs Parent Action Group thought the event was fantastic, but not just because of the funding on offer: “it gives you the chance to get out there and get our name out there and let people know that we exist. Because word of mouth works better than anything”

Rena McGuire hosted a stall for a Community Safety and Health project she agrees that there’s more to the event than money alone: “I’ve lived in the area all my life, and involved in the community but I don’t know that most of these groups existed”.

Incahootz Drama “Great event, bringing groups and the community together”

Projects awarded funding in 2019 are:

Barrhead Youth Football Club –  Mental Health Workshops                                                         £2,500

Magic WAND Community Safety &Health Project -20th Safety in the Park                               £3,000

Auchenback Active –  Arts and Craft Group                                                                                      £3,000

St. Mark’s Primary –  Outdoor Area Improvement                                                                           £3,422

East Renfrewshire ASN Parent Action Group                                                                                   £3,744

In Cahootz Barrhead Drama Group                                                                                                     £3,656

1st Barrhead Boys Brigade –  BB – STEM Ambassador programme                                               £3,500

Levern Valley Community Brass – Brass Day                                                                                     £1,178

Levern Valley Defibrillator Community Partnership                                                                         £4,000

BANDF – Action for Less Fortunate                                                                                                       £4,000

All About Barrhead – Barrhead Rainbow Run                                                                                    £4,000

Barrhead Amateur Boxing Club – The Big Move                                                                              £4,000

Include Me 2 Club – Social Blend                                                                                                        £3,700

Waterworks Veterans Memorial                                                                                                         £2,000

Auchenback Active – Community Safety Fun Days                                                                           £500

Barrhead Netball BBN – Barrhead Bravehearts                                                                                  £500

Dunterlie Baby and Toddler Group                                                                                                      £500

Knitting & Crochet Group                                                                                                                       £500

Prestige Analysis – PHAT (Positive Heath and Toned) CLUB                                                           £500


DIY Dunterlie

Barrhead Housing Association’s DIY Dunterlie is a tenancy sustainment project which help local residents develop new skills and interests which can impact positively on their lives. DIY Dunterlie offers a wide range of activities and opportunities which help bring the community together in local facilities including Green Gym, Employability, Money Advice, Digital Skills, Health Class, Parental Advice, Social Events and Pop Up Shops

“ I can’t believe I’m getting a free membership, I’m on maternity leave and have just went to Zero pay, this will mean I can keep coming and don’t need to worry about how I’ll afford it” Member of Active8

“it’s my Birthday in April so the membership is going to help me get in shape” Participants of P.H.A.T Class

“I have told everyone how amazing you are and how well you take care of us”

“DIY Dunterlie has allowed me to access help to complete my son’s DLA form. I didn’t know which benefits I might be due before coming in. I am dyslexic so struggle to complete forms. Having the support near where I live has really taken the stress out of the application process”

Radio Clyde Cash for Kids

During the festive periods, BHA supported 210 local children by successfully applying for £5,250 from the Radio Clyde, Cash for Kids, Mission Christmas Fund. Through the funding, we supplied each of the children with a £25 voucher for Silverburn Shopping Centre. We are sure this brought some additional Christmas cheer to the families who struggled with the financial strain that comes with Christmas.

Levern Valley Defibrillator Community Partnership

BHA have supported Levern Valley Defibrillator Community Partnership ambition to install up to 30 devices across the Town. We have installed one public access defibrillators outside the Association’s Offices.