Barrhead Housing Association – Current 2018/19 Projects


Project: Barrhead Housing Community Choices Fund 2018/19

Funder: Community Choices Fund 2018/19

BHA have been successful in its 2018/19 Community Choices Fund application to Scottish Government. The application to Community Choices is for £35,000, with BHA providing an additional £15,000 to create a new BHA Community Fund of £50,000. Based on last year’s Voting Event feedback from the community attendees, the BHA Community Fund will be split into two separate strands of £25,000. The first and new strand will support Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018, by encouraging project ideas from young person centric individuals, groups and organisations and a second fund for community groups and organisations similar to the previous year’s format.


Project: Creative Pathways Plus 2017/18

Funder: BHA Peoples and Communities Fund 2017/18

Over the past 12 months BHA and Impact Arts, Barrhead Creative Pathways has successfully engaged 60 young people, 59 of whom completed the full programme of delivery available to them. These young people have transformed their communities, by physically leading on consultation activity and regeneration work within Barrhead, to creating their own brand identity and product range to sell at local venues and further afield, literally putting Barrhead on the map as a place of talented and entrepreneurial young people.

Engagement has ranged through our 2 approaches, Creative Pathways and Creative Connections, aimed at targeting the hardest to reach and most at risk young people. We have delivered this in close partnership with our community and education partners including:

  • The Auchenback Resource Centre
  • Rathbone
  • Barrhead High School
  • The Foundry

The project delivered 168 days of Creative Pathways Plus workshops over 42 week period at Auchenback Resource Centre with Projects including:

  • Robertson Street Green Space Development
  • Merchant City Christmas Craft Selling
  • Pop Up Shop in Barrhead Foundry and Buchanan Galleries

Project Highlights:

On Creative Pathways

  • 86% went on to positive destinations – of which 60% entered training courses, 30% college/further education, and 10% directly to employment
  • 83% gained work experience
  • 69% gained an SQA Employability Award
  • 29% gained an accredited Arts Award
  • 83% had increased confidence
  • 66% demonstrated improved communication skills
  • 71% had improved employability skills
  • 91% had improved creative/artistic skills

On Creative Connections

  • 83% went back to mainstream classroom-based education
  • 71% gained an accredited Arts Awards
  • 83% demonstrated increased Confidence
  • 83% demonstrated improved Communication Skills
  • 100% had improved Creative/Art Skills



Project: Creative Pathways Plus 2018/19 (April 18 – Sept 18)

Funder: BHA People and Communities Fund

BHA secured £64,000 from Scottish Governments Peoples and Communities Fund to again partner with Impact Arts to deliver Creative Pathways Plus in Auchenback and Dunterlie in 2018/19. The Auchenback element of the programme began in September and Young people working with Impact Arts to build their confidence through creative workshops offering a blend of visual art and creative writing tasks, while getting support to find their next steps in employment and education. The group so far have produced a collaborative interpretation of a David Hockney painting, with the group each given a section to reproduce in their own style with a variety of mediums, showing that what everyone produces individually can come together to literally make up the bigger picture. They have also learned the basics of digital photography and taken part in a photographic scavenger hunt and have created photo collages of specific areas in Barrhead and began work on mini-animations to be continued as the weeks go by. The focus of these first two weeks was to introduce the young people to many different art forms and ways of creative thinking before working towards the environmental design element of the project.


Project: Craft Café

Funder: Aspiring Communities Fund (April 18 – Sept 18) – Impact Arts

Impact Arts were successful in an Aspiring Communities Fund Application to continue to support Arts based activities in the Sheltered Complex. The parameters of the project have changed rather than the Craft Café being Tutor lead, it is now volunteer led. Impact Arts recruit and support volunteers to develop themselves and up skill in volunteering activities. There are two tiers of the types of Volunteers:

  • Tier 1: volunteers who have an arts background and are seeking to develop skills in workshop facilitation
  • Tier 2: Volunteers who wish to support programmes in a more general sense i.e. supporting ‘café’ aspect of programmes (teas, coffees and cakes), helping with the general administration of the programme, room set up etc.

Volunteers give 1 day a week to Impact Arts for a period of 6 months and Tier 1 volunteers undertake training in first aid, risk assessing and health and safety. In the Sheltered Complex, we have had 2 Tier 1 volunteers, Lidia and Mhairi, who have been leading the Craft Activities with Mark and Michelle supporting them as Tier 2 volunteers. The first round began in May and culminates in October with a Celebration Event to showcase the work that has been completed by the older people in the volunteer led workshops at the sheltered housing complex at VAER on the 10th October 1pm – 3pm


Project: Arts Café (April 18 – Sept 18)

Funder: People and Communities Fund (Linstone HA)

The Arts Café is an evolution of the Craft Café, following the same previous model but using performing arts rather than visual arts as the creative practice, targeting over those over 60, including those with longterm health conditions such as COPD and Arthritis. Working with Impact Arts we will be delivering a 12 week “Dance Café” from Auchenback Resource Centre, which starts on Monday 8th October at 9.30am – 11.30am. In the new year the project will then move to the Dunterlie Resource Centre.