Our aim has always been to keep rents as low as possible whilst investing in homes and communities to provide you with affordable good quality, well-maintained homes.

Each year we consult ALL of our tenants on the options for reviewing the level of rent that you pay. Your views are therefore very important to us and help guide us as we start to plan the level of rent we need to charge to meet the ongoing costs of managing, maintaining and improving the existing housing stock.

Following consultation last year which took place throughout January and February 2019, a rent increase of 3.4% was applied. Our consultation included three Drop-in Rent Consultation Events which gave each tenant an opportunity to speak to us directly and let us know your views.

This year we are consulting on two options, being Consumer Price Index (CPI) in October this year of 1.5% to maintain current levels of service or 2.5% to provide enhanced services to our tenants.

Please remember that we are not here to make a profit and any money that we make goes back into maintaining our stock. We always try our hardest to make the best possible use of your rent.

Our Rent Consultation Leaflet sets out what is being proposed on both options; what your rent paid for last year, and our spending plans for the year ahead.


You can respond in a variety of ways:



We need to get your views no later than MONDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2020