The local Credit Union can help local people manage bills, help you save, provide access to competitive loans, and give you access to a debit card. You can pay your rent through this membership also. This will help residents plan for changes coming through welfare reform.

It is easy to join – anyone who lives or works in East Renfrewshire can join, as can tenants of East Renfrewshire Council and Barrhead Housing Association.

Become a member and arrange for rent to be paid directly to Barrhead Housing Association:

The membership application form is available online. You need proof of your address and photographic ID. We can help you set up this account.

Pioneer Mutual membership leaflets can be downloaded directly from their website.

Pioneer Mutual Credit Union Website


Partnership signing – December 2013 – Councillor Ian McAlpine, Barrhead chairperson Rena McGuire and Stephen Walsh, Credit Union.

Credit Union signing



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