Universal Credit Freephone Service

DWP has just confirmed its Universal Credit Freephone service has been available since 29th November 2017.

This service has been made a free service as tenants were experiencing very high costs, partly due to the length of waiting times they were experiencing, until they spoke to a member of DWP’s staff.


The key Universal Credit Freephone numbers include:

  • Universal Credit live service: 0800 328 9344 (this replaces 0345 600 0723)
  • Universal Credit full service:  0800 328 5644 (this replaces 0345 600 4272)


Anyone calling the old numbers will hear a repeated message informing them of the change and the new number to call. They won’t be charged for listening to the pre-recorded message as long as they hang up before the call is terminated. DWP maintains the automated message will make it crystal clear about the need for the caller to end the call before they are cut off.


DWP has also confirmed Freephone numbers for other DWP benefits should be available by end of this year.

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