The Scottish Housing Regulator published its first Landlord Report on the Social Housing Charter results at the end of August 2014. These reports detail our performance in meeting the new Scottish Social Housing Charter. It compares our performance to the Scottish average across a range of performance indicators. The Association generally performed well during 2013/14, and we welcome any feedback about our performance.
 We will publish a more detail Annual Performance Report in October 2014 that will compare our performance with a number of other landlords including East Renfrewshire Council. we are currently working with our Tenant Scrutiny Panel on what this Performance Report will look like before it is published. However we are seeking some further views from all our customers having sent out the Landlord report and a short questionnaire. We would welcome some feedback from customers by Monday 6th October 2014 
The Landlord report can be viewed via the link below. We have also included a link to the questionnaire – deadline for comments please Monday 6th October 2014.
Landlord Report 2014 
Landlord Report Questionnaire