Would you like to help improve social landlord services in Scotland? Join the Scottish Housing Regulator National Panel and enter their prize draw to win £50…

The Scottish Housing Regulator role is to protect the interests of everyone who uses social landlord services, such as Barrhead Housing Association. The National Panel is one of the ways that they can hear what people think and make sure they focus on the important things.

Panel members are asked for their views on a range of issues affecting people who use our services. You will receive occasional surveys, information updates and invites to take part in other feedback exercises. Participation is always optional, and you can leave at any time.

We want to include as many different voices on the Panel as possible. Membership is open to anyone who uses any social landlord services:

Council and Housing Association tenants
People who are or have used homeless services
Home owners who receive factoring or common repairs from a social landlord
People living on social rented Gypsy/Traveller sites

Questions? Please contact Engage Scotland, who manage the Panel for the Scottish Housing Regulator, with any questions about the Panel. You can reach them on 0800 433 7212 or natpan@engagescotland.co.uk

Other language or format? For a copy of this form in other languages or formats, please contact Engage Scotland on 0800 433 7212 or email natpan@engagescotland.co.uk. You may also find it easier to join online at http://www.bit.ly/shr-panel