2017 Garden Competition

The summer of 2017 was fairly a dismal one, however there were plenty of lovely gardens to be judged in this years garden competition.  Overall winner and runner up prizes were given throughout our areas for gardens, backcourts and verandahs.  There are photos below from some of our winners.  Well done to all our winners and thank you to everyone who have clearly put a lot of love and effort into their open spaces.

Best Kept Garden – Auchenback   Winner Mrs Bowie


Best Kept Garden – Thornliebank Winner Elizabeth Muray



Best Kept Verandah – Thornliebank  – Winner Andrzej Wroniszewski


Best Kept Garden – Barrhead Centre – Winner Doreen Williamson


Best Kept Verandah – Barrhead Centre – Winner Andrew Inglis


Best Kept Garden – Dunterlie  Winner Lynn Fulton


Best Kept Garden – Newton Mearns – Winner John Pollock


Best Kept Garden – Neilston – Winner Phyllis McLeod



Best Kept Development – Neilston McCulloch Way



Best Kept Front/Back Close – Lowndes Court